Prosci Change Management Training by Stretch

As an Authorized Training Provider for Prosci®, a systematic and holistic change management methodology adopted by 80% of the world’s largest companies, Stretch provides support for building Change Management capabilities for organizations in Scandinavia. We offer six different Prosci Change Management role-based training courses that will allow everyone in your organization to become a successful driver for change:

  1. Change Management Certification Program (3 days)
  2. Sponsor Briefing (4-6 hours)
  3. Manager Program (1 day)
  4. Delivering Project Results (4-6 hours)
  5. Employee Program (1 day)
  6. Fundamentals of Change Management (6 hours)

Why Change Management?

In times of increasingly complex change, you need a change management solution that will deliver results. Multiple studies and reports has shown that there is a strong correlation between Change Management quality and succeeding to meet or exceed project objectives (Prosci 2016 Benchmarking Data from 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017; McKinsey Quarterly 2002, 4 «Helping employees embrace change»)

Why Prosci Change Management Training?

Prosci Change Management is based on twenty years of experience and research from thousands of change leaders worldwide and is the most widely used change management methodology in the world. Prosci’s approach makes Change Management actionable, measurable and applicable. Whether you are new or experienced in the field of Change Management, Prosci training will provide you with a structured approach to effectively manage the people side of change and create business value.

What makes the Prosci Change Management approach unique?

  • A holistic approach that integrates both the individual and organizational aspects of change
  • A clear framework, effective for any type or size of change
  • Practical, easy-to-use e-Toolkit for practitioners with tools, templates, assessments and checklists
  • Contextualized training; assessing and building change management plan for real projects

Webinar replay

Prosci Methodology Overview: An Integrated Approach to Deliver Results

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