Stretch is SAP Innovation Partner of the Year 2017 in Sweden

At the annual SAP partner kick-off in Stockholm, Stretch was awarded the prize as «Innovation Partner of the Year 2017» in Sweden. SAP:s motivation was as follows:

Because of indefatigable energy invested in SAP:s new solutions, hiring of dedicated sales recourses, excellent collaboration with telemarketing and Line of Business salespeople within SAP – including demonstration of an open mind, stamina and new thinking. All of this was rewarded with an important deal by the end of the year. The award as Innovation Partner 2017 goes to Stretch.

– Mats Holmberg, Partner at SAP Sweden

Stretch creates business value with SAP:s innovative cloud solutions in both Business ByDesign, Ariba S/4 Hana, Leonardo and Analytics. The important deal referred to in the motivation is a business within SAP Business ByDesign.

«It’s really cool that Stretch is awarded this prize, and even more fun that Stretch in Gothenburg and our investment in SAP Business ByDesign has helped us get the award. There are many of us that develops our SAP business in the Swedish market, so the price is a team effort made possible by the entire company», says David Glans, CEO, Stretch Gothenburg.

If you also want to work in an innovative environment, do not hesitate to contact us at Stretch!

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