Why small steps?

We have launched our first e -book to inspire you to take your projects and administrations to the next level . Why this e-book?

We choose business value over cost, time and scope. We prefer small steps over long-term planning. We believe in one team over IT and business divided. We look to the lifecycle over project and maintenance. We choose close dialog over contracts and documentation.

These thoughts are gathered into our concept Small steps to business value.

Though there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. We want to change your mindset in order to focus more on the items to the left.

– Daniel Terborn, VD Stretch Öresund

We hope you will be as inspired by this awesome e-book as we were … and remember: it is seldom a good idea to do everything at once , choose a few small steps in the right direction and start the journey there!

Small steps to business value, our inspiring e-book in Swedish. If you prefer the English version you will find it here.

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