SWP, Stretch White Papers – Inspiration and business value

Last spring we asked our customers “what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Stretch” and one answer was as follows:

Commitment, competence, and a joyful culture that affects us customers.

This is exactly what we want our culture to represent, says Malin Anjou, CEO of Stretch AB. Our commitment and expertise help us assist our clients to conduct great business and put business value first. For us it is important that we deliver value in everything we do – we do this through the combination of our culture and our expertise. Therefore, we are extra proud now that we launch our Stretch White Papers, says Malin.

We will inspire and guide you through business development and awesome technique. We do so in a simple way, but with a neat layout. Do not miss the chance to download our very first SWPs on Strategic Purchasing, Learning, and Power-BI. Shortly, there will be even more. Download them today!

Welcome to a fall full of inspiration.


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