Stretch is a fantastic company!

Stretch has been appointed as a Career Company in 2016! According to this honor, this means that we are one of Sweden’s most exciting employers.

We are really proud that we have been appointed a Career Companies for the second year in a row. We want to build a great workplace and will not settle for less than the best!

– Malin Anjou, CEO Stretch AB

After detailed examination, Jobtip annually appoints the most exciting companies to pursue a career. Thousands of companies are reviewed and evaluated based on:

  • Career and development opportunities,
  • Employee engagement,
  • International reach,
  • Internal and external employer branding and communication,
  • Digital presence through the website and social channels.

Through interest in their employer brand, genuine commitment to their employees, and unique career opportunities, the awarded Career Companies are among Sweden’s hundred most exciting employers, according to Jobtip.

This year, Stretch has been honored with this award for the following reasons:

The competition to find the very best talent in the IT and business sector today is tough. The consulting firm Stretch is investing purposefully in its employees and has created a strong and equal culture. To be at the forefront, they have also invested a lot in joint training and lectures. Stretch is also working successfully with employer branding through their blog and social channels, leading them to be awarded as one of Sweden’s 100 Career Companies 2016.

– Jobtip

At Stretch, we are simply what our awesome employees deliver daily. Together we have built Stretch and have developed into the great company that we are today. Stretch is the local consulting company that provides the «big/small consultant.» That is, we have the personality and intimacy of a small company, combined with the strength and width of a large organization – that is Stretch!

Do you also want to work in a career company? Then Stretch might be the place for you!


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