New CEO for Stretch Norway

Kristin Hedqvist-Widen is now appointed as the new CEO for Stretch Norway, replacing Sanna Anderson who took over a few years ago and has since built up a unique culture, preparing Stretch Norway to take the next steps in their journey.

Stretch Norway is now positioned as a strong part of Scandinavia’s leading network within procurement transformation and cloud-based procurement solutions.

It was an easy and obvious first choice when the board decided to ask Kristin if she would lead and further develop Stretch Norway in their current market position. We are very proud that Kristin said ‘yes’ to becoming the new CEO for Stretch Norway.

– Jan Maelum, Chairman

Kristin has 10+ years of experience as a consultant for Accenture, and over 14 years of experience in the consulting world. Over the last four years, she has worked as a senior manager and consultant for Stretch Norway, recently serving as assistant CEO. At Stretch, Kristin has worked on projects for clients in addition to business development activities for Stretch Norway.

It is an incredibly exciting journey we at Stretch Norway are embarking on. With our strategy and growth platform, I am convinced that we will succeed in our focus on procurement transformations – where we, together with our clients, will create and realize business value throughout the procurement chain, from source to order. We also have a number of highly skilled advisors within Project and Change Management, testing and architecture. This enables us to assist our clients across disciplines and technologies, giving us an optimal balance in our business model. We have a unique culture where we all have a central part in taking the next step. I am really looking forward to further develop Stretch Norway together with my colleagues.

– Kristin Hedqvist-Widen, CEO

 Stretch Norway is a consulting company that was established in 2011 and has over the last years delivered, , together with the Stretch Group’s procurement network and expertise, a number of large procurement projects in Norway.. Stretch Norway has built a solid procurement brand in the Norwegian market, and just recently signed a Value Added Reseller (VAR) partnership with SAP in October 2015. This partnership enables Stretch to resell Ariba licenses, in addition to providing consultancy services in procurement transformation projects.

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