The large small consultant – New CEO Stretch AB

Stretch’s promise to the market is to be the  large small consultant that delivers with personality and creates business value. We promise to care. We are curious about you, your business and the global market. We are driven by achieving results.

We believe in the corporatisation’s power to make this happen in the local markets, through the local firms. It is crucial that all the companies within Stretch can realise our promise, and that it is executed in close proximity to our customers and colleagues. Meanwhile, the large corporation’s resources and competencies are factors for success to consider in our sales and delivery of results. The combination of these two components results in Stretch being “the large small consultant”.

In the parent company, Stretch AB, therefore, we have clarified our roles in order to continually develop Stretch. Malin Anjou has been appointed new CEO of Stretch AB. As the CEO of the parent company, Malin will develop group sales, strategic customer relations, marketing, and our common brand – the large consultant.

Jan Maelum, the previous CEO of Stretch AB, will continue working with the group’s entrepreneurship, our respective companies’ long-term development, and Stretch’s owners’ strategies. Jan takes the role as chairman of the board with focus on the small consultant.

The large small consultant and our promise are what differ Stretch from most of our competitors. Many consultant firms have technical and functional competencies, but few can convert that to true business value for the customer. The close relationship and Stretch’s understanding of our customers’ day to day challenges are our keys to success. The large small consultant combines a personal touch with business value creation. This is where Stretch makes a difference, stresses a pleased Malin, as the new CEO at Stretch AB.

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