Free Business Intelligence Workshop with Leading Qlik Experts

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Get started on your journey to being a data-driven organization! Qlik and Stretch Qonnect is offering you a free workshop with industry experts.

We are offering you an amazing opportunity to get your hands Qlik Sense in a guided half-day workshop with our experienced consultants. Qlik Sense is a cutting-edge Analytics and Business Intelligence platform recognized by BARC and Gartner as an industry leader with top ranks in Business Value and Customer Experience.

You will learn how to go from data to business insights in just half a day. During the workshop, we guide you in developing your very own Business Intelligence dashboard in Qlik Sense. You will be provided with a one-month free trial of Qlik Sense for all your users so that you continue using and testing the platform.

Whether you are an experienced business analyst or completely new to Business Intelligence, we tailor the experience to your level.

Contact us today to get started on your journey with Business Intelligence and Qlik.


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