Full visibility and control of your Contingent workforce

Stretch was part of Ericsson’s journey to implement the Fieldglass VMS solution globally for Statement of Work and Contingent workforce for addressable markets. The solution ensures that only Contingent workforce from the right suppliers can be selected with agreed rates. Also, the solution secures that activity items, such as NDA and Code of Business Ethics are signed and stored in Fieldglass.​

The team from Stretch contributed with Project and Program Management, Functional expertise, Master data governance, and training.

The Stretch team helped Ericsson to improve the country roll-out lead time by setting standardized rate logic rules and developing efficient master data and migration templates. This made it possible to deploy the solution to multiple countries in parallel with shorter deployment lead times. The Fieldglass solution at Ericsson is handling both Statement of Work (Time-based and Delivery-based) and Contingent workforce (external headcount resources).

Statement of Work

The solution consists of two processes, SoW bid and SoW execution. The SoW bid is sent out to agreed suppliers within the category and the selected supplier for the winning bid will continue to the SoW execution phase where a standalone SoW is created and submitted to the supplier. The supplier creates milestones that are submitted on a monthly basis and when approved a Goods Receipt is automatically created in the SAP backend to ensure automatic invoice matching.

Contingent Workforce

The initiation of a new contingent resource starts in the HR tool SAP SuccessFactors where the Hiring Manager (HM) creates a position request for a certain role and stage. When this is approved the HM continues in Fieldglass through a punch-out from SuccessFactors to create a Contingent request to pre-defined suppliers for the specific role. The suppliers return with possible candidates for the role and the HM can select the best CV through a validation process. A Work Order is created for the selected resource and after Sourcing review and Financial approval the mandatory documents (NDA, CoBE etc.) are stored in Fieldglass and the Work Order is created. A Purchase Order is then created in the SAP backend.

In the end of the month the reported time by the external resource is automatically turned in to a Goods Receipt in the SAP Backend to ensure correct invoice matching.

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