The integration platform for the future

We are happy to see that Dell Boomi is getting more and more attention in the Scandinavian region. Stretch is a Nordic partner with Dell Boomi since beginning of 2014 and we see Dell Boomi as a modern great integration platform for todays companies. The landscape keeps growing with new best of breed cloud applications together with business critical on-premise solutions, and the need of a simple, stabile and complete integration platform has never been bigger.

We have had several customers going to Dell Boomi the latest months and we can see the customer benefits in a short time frame.

This report from Ovum tells the same story, as well as the Gartner Report earlier this year.

If you are struggling with a growing system landscape, with several old and/or complex integration solutions that are heavy to maintain and expensive, please get in contact with us for an introduction to how Dell Boomi and Stretch can help your organization.

At Stretch, we are currently busy leading and implementing Dell Boomi at companies in Scandinavia, and it’s clear that this is an integration platform for the future, and the future is now.

– Martin Sahlin, CEO Stretch Denmark

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